New BMW 7 Series iPerformance Saloon

New BMW 7 Series iPerformance Saloon

New BMW 7 Series iPerformance Saloon

Luxury and fuel-efficiency go hand in hand in the BMW 7 Series iPerformance Saloon. It utilises both electricity and fuel to strike the balance between eco-friendly purity and a racing performance.


Powered by a petrol engine and an electric motor, the BMW 7 Series iPerformance Saloon will get you where you need to be, and fast. When you need extra acceleration power to overtake, for example, the electric motor will fire up giving you the instant torque you need.

Fuel efficiency is a major plus point of this iPerformance version. There’s a eDrive symbol on the rear indicator which, when selected, will drive on electricity alone. You can do this for up to 30 miles on a fully-charged battery. When you need the petrol engine to help out, it’s still eco-friendly and can deliver up to 134mpg on short drives when the electric motor is doing most of the work. During those slightly longer 31- to 37-mile journeys, when you’re commuting, for instance, you’ll get around 70mpg.


When you choose a luxury car, you want it to look like one which is exactly what you get with the BMW 7 Series iPerformance Saloon. It stays true to the already-stylish BMW 7 Series Saloon design with the charging port embedded neatly into the frame. So expect an elongated elegant body shape with long flowing lines, a kidney-shaped grille and those rounded LED running lights sunken into the angular headlight frames. 


With the 7 Series Saloon, you’re always promised space. In this iPerformance version, the battery is placed under the luggage compartment so it doesn’t inhibit your boot space. It feels roomy throughout, and wood, Nappa leather and brushed aluminium bring the luxurious touches you want. It’s totally high-tech, with features like heated massage chairs, Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound and optional TV screens for the rear passengers, giving you a cutting-edge on-road experience. 

Technology and safety

The BMW 7 Series iPerformance Saloon and you, the driver, will be working in unison. You can control most of the in-car gadgets using your voice or gestures so you can relax and maintain your focus on the road. It’s not just you who gets a screen, passengers in the back can use a seven-inch display in the rear armrest to change the interior settings for their comfort.

To support you when your concentration starts to slip, there are a number of safety systems. When you’re pushing forward in traffic, a semi-autonomous function will prevent you from colliding with the car in front. Lane Departure Warning will let you know if you begin to veer. Then there’s advanced stability control to keep you steadily on track around corners.

Test drive the BMW 7 Series iPerformance Saloon

Such an innovative car needs to driven to be understood. Book your test drive with Williams Motor Group by calling us or enquiring online. You can enjoy a test drive from each of our BMW showrooms in Rochdale, Stockport, Liverpool, Manchester and Bolton.

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