New MINI Hatch

The MINI 3-door Hatch is a true classic, and the latest example builds on the fun of its predecessors with innovative technology to make navigating the city a cinch, with features like Apple CarPlay, real-time traffic information and online search functionality.


The MINI look is one of the most recognisable on the road, and the new 3-door Hatch carries it into a new generation. The combination of heritage and progress can be seen throughout the New 3-door hatch. The union flag LED rear lights provide a playful nod to MINI's British heritage, while the revamped MINI logo brings the classic design up to date with subtle changes and a sharper contrast.


As standard inside every MINI Hatch is a sophisticated audio system with 6.5" screen, Bluetooth hands-free system, audio streaming and USB interface. There are a number of options for getting even more from your MINI, including adding MINI Visual Boost; providing a touchscreen centre instrument with better connection to all services.


The MINI 3-door hatch includes Dynamic Traction control (DTC) providing the best possible driving force on every surface, while Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) uses smart sensors to tell if you're veering off course. Thanks to carefully calibrated braking, which provides extra force to individual wheels as needed, the MINI Hatch corners even more dynamically and cruises around bends with ease.

For extra peace of mind the optional MINI Driving Assistant is like an extra pair of eyes making driving even safer. A camera based active cruise control slows you down if you get too close to vehicles in front. Pedestrian Warning and Collision Mitigation systems can scan the streets and activate the brakes if the detect danger. If you have the Head-Up Display fitted, the Traffic Sign Memory indicates current speed limits and no-overtaking zones.

The MINI 3-door Hatch is best explored up-close where you can admire every single detail. To do so, enquire with Williams MINI across the North of England to book a test drive with the help of our friendly team.

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