A great warranty is worth your time (and money) - Land Rover Williams

No matter the age of your car, there is unfortunately no guarantee that your vehicle will run perfectly smooth for any amount of time – however, this is where warranty policies come in; keeping your car-life as stress-free as possible.

Before we deep dive into why a warranty is a good thing, first we should explain:

  • What a car warranty is
  • The different types of car warranty.

What is a car warranty?

A car warranty gives you protection against having to pay for labour costs and replacement of certain parts of your vehicle if they suffer from mechanical faults or electrical failure. They can give you some extra protection in case something goes wrong; and while all new cars should come with a warranty, but you can buy warranties for used cars as well.

It’s important to check how to keep your warranty valid, as there a certain terms and conditions that come with various warranties.

What are the different types of car warranty?

There are three different types of car warranty policies:

  1. Manufacturer policies
    All new cars come with a manufacturer policy, most of these offer a three-year warranty period from the first point of registration or to a specific mileage point (whichever comes first).
  2. Dealer policies
    Main dealers of big brands will usually have an “approved used car warranty” of some sort, usually for 12 months. These are often managed and underwritten by a third-party insurer.
  3. Third-party cover
    It's possible to buy an aftermarket, third-party used car warranty for cars up to 12 years old. However, they do tend to have more exclusions than a manufacturer's warranty. As a general rule you’ll likely find that the older the car is, the higher the warranty premiums will be.

Unsure if your car has a warranty, or unclear on the terms?

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Is a warranty worth it?

Whether you’ve reached the end of the new-car warranty supplied by your manufacturer or you’ve just invested in a used car, there's many third-party warranties out there that are available to buy.

Used car warranties give you financial peace of mind by taking care of the garage bill if you encounter issues with your car, which is definitely worth it. They also mean that you don’t need to find potentially hundreds of pounds in one-hit to cover a repair –it proves better to have the cover for the just-in-case moments.

While some perceive buying a warranty to be a bit of a gamble, we believe that the additional care of your vehicle definitely makes the purchase justified.

At Williams we’re offering a minimum 2 years’ warranty across our whole range of used cars until the end of September 2023, as well as £200 worth of vouchers for use across our range of accessories. Terms and conditions apply.