We are pleased to announce that the Land Rover Defender has been crowned the winner of Best SUV at the prestigious Autocar Awards, which took place on 10th May.

It’s a fitting accolade for a vehicle that prides itself on being ‘best-class’, not just in the present day but over generations, since the original Defender’s inception in 1983.

The new Defender (which launched in 2020) retains the rugged magic of the early generations but packs a range of modern technology along with an updated design to bring it in line with and even exceed modern-day SUV’s, and this was deservedly recognised with the ‘Best SUV’ Award at this year’s Autocar Awards.

The Defender’s fierce sense of adventure combined with it’s rugged performance and premium comfort sets it apart from the competition. This was acknowledged by Autocar: “It’s a less tiring way to spend a tough day. And at the end of it, the Defender is supremely comfortable and isolated yet still accurate and enjoyable on any road you take home. So yes, the headline reads ‘Best SUV’, but there’s a bit more to the Defender than just that”.