New BMW C Evolution

The BMW C Evolution is a new e-scooter from BMW which represents the future of urban navigation. Built to cope with rising traffic volumes, growing energy costs and more rigorous CO₂ emissions requirements, the C Evolution will completely change the incredibly competitive scooter market when it arrives on our roads.

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Agile and lightweight, the C Evolution has been designed to help you cruise round tight city streets with ease. The compact nature of the shaping means you will have no trouble weaving your way through traffic and with LED turn indicators and LED lights, you are ensured that the C Evolution is immediately recognisable as a BMW model. The TFT display and paint finishes reflect the sporty nature of the performance and you will also find a classic split face at the front which highlights the inspiration of the iconic BMW Motorrad brand that runs through the heart of the maxi-scooter.


A surprisingly powerful engine offers a peak output of 48bhp and 72Nm of torque, meaning nimble and responsive city driving. Powered 100 percent electrically by the C Evolution battery, you can charge the scooter using an integrated charging device either at home or at a charging station. Complete charging time is just three hours long, while you can get 80 percent charge in just two and a quarter hours

BMW C Evolution

Safety and Technology

The energy regeneration system in the C Evolution works whenever it can to help you save energy and go further on your journeys. Depending on how you choose to ride the bike, your range can be extended by up to 20 percent, taking the total range to around 62 miles. With a high-performance brake system and ABS fitted as standard you can have peace of mind motoring at all times, while on-board navigation and communication software can be fitted to help you have stress-free journey


Williams Group has exclusive rights to sell the BMW C Evolution in the North West and you can take a test ride on the exciting model by visiting Williams Motorcycles in Manchester. Find out more by giving us a ring or filling in the online enquiry form on this website, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.