New BMW G 310 GS

When your idea of letting off steam is a trip out on your bike, the BMW G 310 GS is ideal. It’s made for relaxation, combined with the satisfying swift ride that motorbike owners crave.


Cleverly designed to be striking yet minimalist, it has a certain elegance that’s balanced by a raw edge. A slim body, compact petrol tank and intricate chassis bring the chic touch while the angular shapes, pointed nose and 19-inch front wheel keep it looking muscular. Not only do the sharp edges give it an athletic look, they also add to the aerodynamics of the ride. It comes in a wide choice of colour options and striking gold forks, enabling you to add a bit of your own personality to its image. A luggage carrier is included so you can ride it on weekends away.


It’s all about comfort and enjoyment with the BMW G 310 GS. Wherever you are, be it the inner city for work, visiting friends in the countryside or off on a weekend adventure off the beaten track, you can enjoy a dynamic ride. This is partly down to the slightly raised GS seating position with the foot rests and handlebars easily within reach so it’s comfortable to hold yourself in position for longer periods of time. With a lower centre of gravity, thanks to the rotated head of the one-cylinder engine, its responsive to ride bringing an element of fun.

You’ll also find that it’s fuel efficient, and it complies with EU-4 emissions standards, making it ideal for everyday riding.

BMW G 310 GS

Safety and technology

As you would expect of a new motorbike, the G 310 GS has an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) for a steady performance on the road and complete assurance of your safety. With single-disk brake callipers, it requires minimal effort to bring the bike to a stop when you need to. 


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