​New BMW G 310 R

Turn heads, raise the heart rate and kick start adrenaline – the new BMW G 310 R does all three. A sporty motorbike, it’s made for quick city driving and hitting the motorway in style.

BMW G 310 R
BMW G 310 R


With a shred of S 100 R style, it’s a robust bike with a sharp, contemporary design. A roadster through and through, it has chunky proportions with a bold front and a break beneath the seat to feel the strength of the shock absorber. This is emphasised by the aluminium swing arm that’s light and dynamic, much like the rest of the bike.

Available in a range of colour options with Motorrad-coloured stripes and vivid gold forks and brake callipers, it’s eye-catching and instantly recognisable on the road.


Speed and agility are priorities for this bike. The one-cylinder engine has been rotated 180° to lower the centre of gravity for better responsiveness. As the rider, you can enjoy total confidence as you control the bike thanks to a comfortable position that feels close to the body of the bike. At less than 160kg, even with a full fuel tank, it’s suitably light for a swift ride.

The G 310 R meets the EU-4 emissions standard for increased fuel-efficiency that doesn’t inhibit performance.

Safety and technology

Thanks to the lower and longer swing arm and wide tyres, the BMW G 310 R is stable to ride, helped by the Anti-Lock Braking System that helps to avoid skidding when you hit the brakes. There’s a seat to suit every frame, again enhancing your stability.

It boasts a powerful headlight that gives you an excellent road view at night and in poor weather conditions. 


Williams Motorcycles is proud to offer this sporty, fast and good-looking motorbike from our showrooms in Manchester. Feel its lively ride for yourself by testing it out – you can book an appointment online using the contact form or over the phone by speaking to one of the team.