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Equip your bike with unmatched visibility this winter, make sure you're noticed with BMW's LED Auxiliary Headlights.

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BMW LED Auxiliary Lights - From £450.00 (Including Fitting)*

Don't be afraid of the dark this winter, equip your Motorcycle with a set of BMW's LED Lights. These LED Auxiliary Headlights are designed to both illuminate the road ahead providing better visibility and make you more noticeable to other road users, improving your own safety. Riding through every season has just become easier.


Model Fitment Offer Price
K50 R 1250 GS LED Kit £465.00
R 1200 GS LED Kit £465.00
K25 K25 GS 2008>
K25 GSA 2008> £599.00
K25 GSA <2008 (not LED) £399.00
K25 Upgrade to LED £399.00
K52 R 1250 RT LED Kit £499.00
K53 R 1200 R LED Kit £499.00
K54 R 1200 RS LED Kit £499.00
K72 F 800 GS/GSA £650.00
K80 & K81 F 750/850 GS LED Kit £450.00

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