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What makes a city interesting? The diversity of people? The trends that emerge here? The countless possibilities? It's all this combined! To discover it requires a good level of fitness – one that accompanies you on longer tours through varied city life with comfort: the BMW C 400 GT. With it, the city's pulse quickens a bit more and your radius increases just like your digital connectivity with the world. Because with this mid-size scooter, you are just as comfortable and agile in the city as in the surrounding area. Discover your city in a new dimension with the C 400 GT and look forward to much, much more of what makes your city interesting.  

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This agile mid-size scooter allows you to conquer the city whilst also being prepared for longer tours in the surrounding region. The new BMW C 400 GT features sporty V-shape elegant trim panels and a large-format windscreen that protect you from the wind and weather. They are testament to the urban desire for adventure. The ergonomically designed seat, which guarantees a comfortable as well as confident seating position on both short jaunts or a longer trips also contributes to this. The LED light technology is particularly striking: the iconic headlight with optional daytime riding lights and the integrated front turn signals provide a convincing appearance from the very first moment. And what looks really good from the front is also impressive from the rear: narrow, progressive and full of emotions.  


The engine is designed specifically for the C 400 GT and was specially developed for this mid-size scooter. Highly efficient and providing low revs, high speeds and minimal friction. In other words, low consumption and uncomplicated fun. The 350cc one-cylinder in-line engine produces 34hp at 7,500rpm and 35Nm at 6,000rpm.

Safety and Technology

BMW Motorrad Connectivity allows you to experience a real revolution in terms of connectivity on your C 400 GT. With this optional accessory, your smartphone and your scooter become one unit. To do so, your phone connects to the standard TFT display and can be intuitively controlled via the multi-controller on the  handlebars. The socket integrated into the storage compartment ensures that your smartphone remains as energetically charged as you do. Whether it's the playlist with your favourite sounds or the best route through the city: the innovative turn-by-turn arrow display allows you to navigate quickly and safely. And you always stay in contact with your friends. The BMW Motorrad communication system allows you easy access to your smartphone's contact list via the multi-controller, and thus to make phone calls on the go.


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