BMW F 800 R

Adding excitement to any everyday journey is the BMW F 800 R, an uncomplicated and practical roadster that's also dynamic and sporty. Its streamlined body and lightweight build create a sense of agility and momentum from the moment you mount, two traits which are confirmed instantly when you set off.


The manufacturer's design team have succeeded in creating a no-nonsense roadster that delivers where it counts – with enjoyable, responsive performance. A minimalist trim encourages you to climb on and go, with its distinctive upside-down forks suggesting rapid forward motion even when parked. Touring is also a possibility for this multi-talented roadster, as evidenced by its range of seat heights and additional luggage fittings, while the comfortable seat also accommodates a passenger to share the thrills. A variety of understated or striking paint shades, subtle graphics and the symmetrical headlamp arrangement tie up the bike's enduring visual appeal.


Fitted to the bike's light frame is a four-stroke two-cylinder engine producing 90bhp and 86Nm of torque, which together give the F 800 R its agility and eagerness to accelerate. The satisfying pull that's felt is aided by a six-speed gearbox which sends power to the road smoothly, and a top speed of over 125mph is possible should you venture onto the track. Enhancing your satisfaction is the bike's ability to absorb bumps and minimise vibrations from the road, helped by the manually adjustable rear suspension which can be tweaked to match your preferred set-up.

BMW F 800 R

Safety and Technology

The ease with which you can move around in the saddle and take command of the bike makes riding it far easier, and BMW's active technology adds to your peace of mind. An Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is included as standard to keep you in control when braking heavily, with twin front and single rear disc brakes ensuring optimum stopping ability. BMW also offers optional protective technology in Tyre Pressure Control (TPC) and Automatic Stability Control (ASC) if desired.


The new BMW F 800 R is an excellent all-rounder, and one that promises to excite riders at all levels of experience with its energy. Find out more by enquiring with Williams Motorcycles in Manchester and scheduling a test ride soon.