BMW K 1300 S

Imposing and confident, the BMW K 1300 S brings tourer muscle and reliability to the Sport bike range. It's highly efficient even as it sets new benchmarks for motorcycle performance.

BMW K 1300 S


You can see how streamlined and athletic the bike is from any angle. Free-form surface headlights build on the muscular look, with a strong front that's designed for practicality and protection. The beam is permanently on, improving visibility at all times and giving other road users even more chance to notice you.

When you're settled into place, check your fuel level and coolant temperature on the flat info screen. The clutch and handbrake can both be adjusted into more convenient positions, and a toolkit can be found in the roomy storage compartment.

Engines and Performance

The 1,293cc engine delivers up to 175bhp at 9,250rpm, and at 8,250rpm the full force of 140Nm of torque is revealed. Digital engine management boosts the reliability of this strong performance. Acceleration is excitingly dramatic, on the way to a top speed of more than 120mph. A hexagonal design for the exhaust system enhances the rumble from the engine, a sound that never fails to turn heads as you pass by.

With an automatic shift function for the six-speed gearbox, you can power through the gears and get a taste of the bike's true potential. The K 1300 S can also carry close to its own weight over again. Optional Electronic Suspension Adjustment II compensates for the exact weight on board, tailoring the independent front and rear suspension syste

BMW K 1300 S


The bike is certainly clever, as a starter inhibit on the prop stand means you can't set off without it withdrawn. The headlights are permanently on, so you'll never forget and you're always visible to other road users. Unlocking the fuel cap, checking storage compartments are secure and starting the ignition can all be done with a single key.

Optional extras with the K 1300 S naturally include extra storage in the form of the luggage grid. You can add an on-board computer to the technology, or pick heated handlebar grips and a lower seat for more comfort.


BMW has also made sure that the K 1300 S stands out when it comes to safety. ABS is standard, and Automatic Stability Control (ASC) is a helpful option. ASC is also part of the Dynamic Package, joined by tyre pressure monitoring.


At Williams Motorcycles in Manchester, you can enjoy the full, thrilling experience that the BMW K 1300 S can offer. Book in for your test ride and get more details from our team today.