New BMW R nineT Scrambler

With vintage-inspired looks and off-road capability, the new BMW R nineT Scrambler is made for fun. Built to excel in difficult terrain, it’s all about adventure when it comes to this motorbike. It’s an experience not for sharing – that’s why it only has one seat.

BMW R Nine T Scrambler

​Vintage-inspired styling 

Even those new to the world of motorbikes can recognize the dapper, classic styling of the BMW R nineT Scrambler. Clues such as the ribbed tan leather seat, central large headlamp and slightly raised handlebars give it away. When you’re in the seat, you’ll notice how upright your position feels. It’s down to the shape of the seat and the placement of the handlebars which give you an assured stance on the bike. Up front it has a 19-inch wheel that’s been slimmed down compared to its predecessor for a more stylish look and responsive steering

Built tough

Once you’ve got past the grown-up styling, you’ll notice its youthful sporty looks. Off-road tyres make it clear that it’s a strong bike and the high-positioned dual silencers further adds to its tough appeal. The steel tank sits underneath your arms when you’re gripping on the handles, and the monolith metallic matt paint gives it a contemporary edge.​

BMW R Nine T Scrambler


The two-cylinder 1170cc boxer engine has air-and-oil-cooling technology and BMW engineers have made it more fuel-efficient whilst stilling retaining its 110bhp power output. As soon as you turn on the ignition and start to rev the engine, you’ll hear its deep growl through the dual silencers.

Swift performance

At just 220kg in weight with a full tank of fuel, the BMW R nineT Scrambler is lightweight making it agile and fast on the road. It can hit speeds over and above 120mph. Thanks to the strong suspension, it has a lively spirit when off-roading.​

Safety features

When you’re set for an off-road adventure, it’s comforting to know that the BMW R nineT Scrambler is fitted with an anti-lock braking system and automatic stability control. These systems prevent you from skidding in uncompromising conditions.​

Book your test ride

Don’t just take our word for it, try out the attention-grabbing BMW R nineT Scrambler for yourself with a test ride from Williams Motorcycles in Manchester. Call us or enquire online to book a time and we’ll have the bike ready for when arrive.