Jaguar Service Plans

At Williams Jaguar, we offer you comprehensive Service Plans, designed to simplify your service purchase and to ensure that you get the best price benefits from us.

Arrange for your Jaguar to be serviced through a Williams Service Plan - designed to offer affordable, high quality maintenance care that you can pay for in a way that suits your budget requirements. With Jaguar trained technicians working from our service centre you can rest assured that all maintenance will be manufacture approved, helping to lengthen the life and enhance the performance of your car.

We make sure that our Service Plans are flexible, and tailored specifically to your needs. We calculate this based on your mileage, as well as your current number of services scheduled. You pay us in regular monthly instalments, so our costs never come as a surprise to you.

All of our services are undertaken at our Manchester premises, using only genuine, authentic Jaguar parts and accessories. We have trained our engineers and technicians to the highest level, and they are continually adding to their knowledge through additional training courses, using the latest equipment and techniques to keep your car operating at its best.

Find out more about our service plans by contacting our Service Department today. Give us a call, fill in the online enquiry form or simply visit our showroom. We are happy to answer any of your enquiries and discuss our Service Plan benefits, and can also give you a quote for your own personal Service Plan today.