Charging Up the Future: Jaguar Shifts Gears Towards All-Electric Innovation

Did you ever think Jaguar would move to all-electric?

The company has a rich heritage of designing and engineering spectacular vehicles that are renowned for their elegance and luxurious driving experience, but now Jaguar are moving to a fully electric fleet very soon.

The company plans on spending over £2.5bn a year on bespoke technology for their cars to ensure their creations are environmentally friendly and will impact the world in a positive way.

History of Jaguar

The history of Jaguar is timeless, their brand has been iconic since 1935 and carries on to remain popular within the automotive industry by electrifying its fleet by 2025.

You probably know some of the iconic Jaguars over the years. Two of their highest-rated cars are the Jaguar E-Type and F-Type; both of these vehicles are often associated with British culture and are well known by motoring enthusiasts and appreciators alike.

Jaguar E-Type

Best known for representing the British racing heritage. This model was advanced for its time by sporting unique features such as independent suspension, disc brakes and an of course, the iconic long bonnet and overall look. The Jaguar E-Type was offered in both coupe and convertible models, with different engine options available ranging from a 6-cylinder 3.8 litre to the V-12.

Jaguar F-Type

In 2013 Jaguar first introduced the Jaguar F-Type to the world. The first glance of the vehicle embodies class and sophistication, taking some of its design queues from the E-Type, such as the iconic long bonnet design. This high spec Jaguar offers modern and advanced technologies for the driver inside and out, with a huge focus on performance to maximise the driving experience.​

Jaguar Goes Electric

While the transition from petrol vehicles to electric represents a leap into the future of automotive technology, many features between the two platforms remain the same. The vehicles have been modernised and improved but still have that familiar Jaguar feeling. ICE models will see a rapid phasing out over 2024 with sales of combustion engines stopping completely in 2025.

Reactions to the evolution of Jaguar have been mixed but from what we’ve seen mainly positive in sentiment.

“If the I-Pace is any indication as to the engineering design of future models, JLR will have remarkable EVs to showcase.”
“So exciting to me, Jaguar is choosing an electric segment”

It’s helpful that Jaguar already have an all-electric vehicle to test the waters, after a successful launch in 2018 and an impressive Car of the Year award just a year later, Jaguar’s I-Pace charges with an 11kw charger to full capacity within 9 hours and can travel up to 470km on a single charge. The maximum speed is 200 and the acceleration is 2.2 seconds from 0 to 60mph, so you can hit the roads you love in no time. However, it is important to note that even though the I-Pace is an all-electric offering, Jaguar are also phasing out this vehicle for 2025.

Discover I-Pace​

Jaguar Key Benefits of Going Electric

Low Cost of Ownership

Electricity costs less per mile than petrol or diesel. You’ll get significant tax incentives too. And with no charges relating to congestion, emissions or parking in many cities, the benefits keep adding up.

Simple and Accessible

When filling up your EV there are a lot of charging points based in the UK, which are normally found in carparks or petrol stations.

Cleaner Energy

Vehicles powered solely by a battery are able to achieve maximum power with zero tailpipe emissions. And with more renewable resources added to the National Grid all the time, electric car energy gets cleaner every year.

Distinctive Drive

Electric technology is known for how quiet it is; but did you know it offers immediate acceleration to avoid any lag or gearshift interruptions when driving? This translates into a uniquely smooth and responsive driving experience across all speeds.

So, if you’re thinking of changing your car then check out our new and Approved Used offers on our website. Or if you’re wanting to go fully electric keep an eye out for the upcoming Jaguar fleet later this year.

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