The MINI App – keeping you connected

Let’s face it, MINI drivers are not typical car owners. A MINI is distinctive and instantly recognisable, and it stands out from the crowd. Though very much a car of today, it’s one that comes with a rich heritage, which the MINI app enables you to tap into – quite literally. 

If you're not very tech-savvy don't worry, we have dedicated experts on hand at Williams MINI that can help you get started on app, whether you are buying a MINI from us or simply come to see us at one of our retail centres. You can also contact us for help via our website.

Free to download for Apple and Android smartphones, the MINI app further expands the MINI motoring experience.

Compatible with all MINI models produced from March 2018, the MINI app is packed with features.

MINI status visibility

A host of MINI-related essentials are at your fingertips. For instance, the app offers:

Oil check and/or service notifications

Charging history data for EVs and PHEVs

Scan-and-charge facility at public access points

E-mobility status: charging status, remaining charge, etc.

You can control aspects of your MINI remotely, such as door locking and unlocking, flash lights, ventilation and climate control. If you forget where you’ve parked your car, the Vehicle Search feature will lead you right to it.

Need to Know

With the MINI app, there’s all sorts of information that’s just seconds away, including the location of your nearest charging station and parking spot, and even fuel prices.

Manage your MINI

The MINI app allows you to keep tabs on important car-related dates, including your MINI’s next service. You can schedule such appointments via the app – and check your Roadside Assistance data, among many other things.

Route planning

Via the app’s map tab, you have access to a range of features designed to make each journey go as smoothly as possible.

For example, you’ll find destination details, points-of-interest and charging-station information. You can even map out your journey from the comfort of your home, and send the details to your MINI’s navigation system (where applicable).

Personalisation options

In the same way that you can make a MINI very much your own, you can personalise the MINI app. For example, you can instantly change its appearance by selecting one of many eye-catching background options. You can even select a colour that perfectly matches your MINI’s paint finish.

Download the MINI app

To start the next phase of your great MINI adventure, please visit the App Store or Google Play to download the MINI app.