MINI Service Plans

Williams Group understands the importance of keeping your MINI in the best possible condition. A well-serviced vehicle has the potential to serve you for many years to come, and we want to help you ensure your mini reaches its full potential. In order to achieve this, Williams MINI offers you a comprehensive range of service options. Our services range from those which can be undertaken within 30 minutes to deep inspections; book a service with us today using our simple online enquiry form.

Aside from our two different levels of inspections, we also offer services such as oil checking, brake fluid changing, and MOT bookings. Specific to our MINI range of vehicles, our MINI Trained engineers will undertake the MINI TLC line of servicing on our premises. We also offer the MINI Value service and MINI Spa Valet service, as well as specific maintenance for air conditioning, tyre checking, and routine maintenance.

All of our service procedures take place using only Genuine MINI Parts that have been specifically designed for your vehicle model. They will be fitted by our MINI engineers in our exceptional workshop to make sure that your MINI is always in peak performance conditions.

You can make an appointment with us through our online enquiry form or you can also visit any of our showrooms in person and speak to a Service Advisor, who will be happy to explain any of our available offers to you in detail.

MINI Value Service

MINI Value Service is dedicated to giving your MINI Hatch, Clubman or Convertible the care it deserves at fixed prices. Whether it's an oil service or brake pad replacement you're after, it's time to believe your eyes.

​MINI Trained Technicians carry out all work using only Genuine MINI Parts, backed by a two-year warranty so you needn't worry about any nasty surprises. We even wash and vac your MINI, returning it back to you in tip-top condition. Unbelievable!


MINI Hatch Pre 11/2006
MINI Convertible Pre 03/2009

MINI Hatch 2006 - 2013
MINI Convertible 2009 - 2013
MINI Clubman 2007 - 2013

​Oil Service​£134​£149*
​Inspection 1​£224​-
​Inspection 2​£299​-
​Front Brake Pads​£115​​£149*
​Rear Brake Pads​£105​​£149*
​Front brake Pads & Disks​£205​-
​Rear Brake Pads & Disks​£169​-

To book your MINI Value Service please contact us using the form at the top of the page.

Prices include all parts, labour and VAT. Brake pad and brake pad & disc prices exclude all MINI John Cooper Works models. *Available only for MINI Hatch (R56), Convertible (R57) and Clubman (R55). Offer subject to change.

Williams MINI Value Service


With MINI TLC all your servicing requirements are covered for 3 years or 30,000 miles, whichever milestone is reached first. What’s more is that MOT Protect is also included, which means that we will cover the cost of repair or replacement on a long list of key bits and bobs for your first three MOTs..

To get all your servicing needs wrapped up, speak to our MINI Service Advisors today.

MINI tlc covers the cost of the first brake fluid change along with parts, lubricants and labour involved in the remaining MINI servicing requirements as stipulated below for a period of 3 years or 30,000 miles, whichever milestone is reached first. Please ask for full details of the service items covered under the pack. MINI tlc covers scheduled services in line with the Manufacturer's time and mileage recommendations but does not cover additional maintenance or repair items such as tyres, brake pads engine oil top-ups etc.

Williams MINI TLC & TLC XL

MINI Pit Stop

Pushed for time? Don't worry, at Williams MINI we can have you back on the road again in just 90 minutes. You'll be amazed at the range of services our MINI Technicians can do in that time. Relax in our customer lounge, read the newspaper, take advantage of our free Wi-Fi or take a test drive while you wait, whatever you choose to do you can be assured the time will fly by. 

Contact us today to see if a Pit Stop visit is right for your MINI.

Williams MINI Pit Stop

MINI Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning system is the perfect environment for bacteria and bugs to invade.

Luckily, we have some services to make sure it stays in tip-top condition.

Air Freshener £39.99 - removes any unwanted musty smells by cleaning the evaporator, disinfecting the air duct system and treating the air vents and your MINI's interior.

Arctic Blast £99.99 - ensures the air conditioning gauge gives you the temperature you want, when you want it. This is done by draining the refrigerant, checking for leaks and operating pressures, and then recharging the refrigerant and lubricant.

To book your MINI in for a MINI Air Conditioning service, please speak to a member of our MINI team today.

Williams MINI Air Conditioning