An adventure awaits…don’t follow, lead the way!

It seems that X marks the spot with the latest BMW adventure bike arrival, with its headlights in a new x-shape mounted into the GS’ familiar beak, below a front-facing radar sensor and adjustable windscreen.

While there have been quite a few image leaks of the bike in question, the eagerly awaited R 1250 GS replacement is finally here, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

The Design:

The R 1300 GS sees a reboot in the classic Motorrad adventure bike design language, with Alexander Buckan (BMW’s new Head of Design) heading the design of this bike.

We’re waving goodbye to the iconic asymmetrical headlamp, and while it may take some time to get used to this change (we’ve heard the term “Marmite” being thrown around the showrooms a few times), it’s a brave change to the design we’ve become perhaps too accustomed to. Bravo Mr Buckan on tackling this design challenge head(lamp) on.

It’s not just the front of the bike that has had a makeover, gone is the chunky rear LED to make way for two sleeker LEDs that serve duty as brake lamps, hazard lamps, and indicators – a slight juxtaposition to the slightly squared-off and boxy design in the front.

The R 1300 GS boasts a shorter exhaust than previously seen, but this by no means dampens the sleek exterior of the rear, which also has a new steel plate. In addition, the bike has new alloy wheels to bring the look together.

These bikes will have a larger TFT than the previous 6.5 inch seen on the current model.

The Features:

Radars have - at last - come to this motorcycle, both at the front and rear. The front will help unlock features like adaptive cruise control and collision warning, while the rear radar allows blind spot detection.

Heated grips, cruise control, are just a couple of creature comforts available to the GS, but what makes this bike so special? In short, the ability to make it your own, whether you choose:

R 1300 GS TROPHY – An off-roader that makes you feel like you’re riding on air. From the radiator grille guards to the high rider's seat – everything is designed to tap into the full off-road potential of you and your bike, so that you can concentrate fully on the challenges that lie ahead.

R 1300 GS TRIPLE BLACK – Ready to be perfectly equipped? You can do or be whatever you want, at all times. Long journeys, short trips, extending the season, taking shortcuts. Alone or with a passenger? In any case, you will always be riding with the highest possible level of comfort. The entire 145 hp will help you stay cool in any situation, unless you’d like to get a little adrenaline along the way. Then you will come to appreciate the impressively powerful torque development.

R 1300 GS OPTION 719 TRAMUNTANA - The numerous milled parts included in the Option 719 equipment raise the exclusivity to an entirely new level, at an impressive 145 hp it offers you outstanding performance, while also ensuring a quiet ride at low speeds

There is an irresistible charm to this series, and a striking new paint colour Aurelius Green has been added to the mix– a personalised and convenient riding experience is at your fingertips.