AutoProtect Terms & Conditions


Thank you for buying your vehicle from us.

Please read this warranty document carefully and make sure you understand and keep to these terms and conditions. Not keeping to these terms and conditions may affect any claim you make and could lead to the warranty becoming void (not applying).

This warranty is a legal agreement between: you, the registered owner of the vehicle shown in the schedule attached to this warranty; and us, the dealer who you bought the vehicle and this warranty from.

We have appointed AutoProtect Administration Limited (AutoProtect) to deal with all matters relating to claims made under this warranty.

1. What is covered

This warranty covers all mechanical and electrical parts (including labour costs to fit them) against mechanical breakdown.

Mechanical breakdown is the failure of a part, causing it to suddenly stop working, for a reason other than negligence.

The cover under the warranty only applies if these terms and conditions of fully met. The warranty does not apply to any parts not listed in these terms and conditions.

This warranty also covers the following:

Oil seals

• Crankshaft front seal; camshaft oil seal; auxiliary shaft; oil seal; gearbox rear seal; drive shafts; seals; differential pinion seal

• Any oil seal the engine or gearbox needs as part of a repair under this warranty

Working materials

Oils, oil filter and antifreeze are included only if it is essential to replace them as part of an agreed claim under this warranty.


If any of the parts covered fail, and this damages the casing, it will also be covered as part of an agreed claim under this warranty.

Air-conditioning re-gas

The most we would pay towards re-gassing is £60 (including VAT).

In-Car Entertainment

Factory fitted radio cassette player, CD player (single CD versions only).

Multimedia Pack inclusions

Stereo hi-fi video cassette recorder, LCD screens, media control panel, auxiliary power input socket, 12 volt power supply (excluding remote control unit and headphone). Factory fitted CD player with multi changer, satellite navigation system, games machine and DVD player (excluding discs).