Williams Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay & Bonus Reporting for Williams

Gender Pay Gap Explained

UK employers with more than 250 employees are required to publish annually a gender pay gap report.The gender pay gap report shows the difference between men’s and women’s average earnings across a company and is different from pay inequality. The gender pay gap shows the difference between the average earnings of men and women, irrespective of their role or seniority. Pay inequality compares the differences in pay for employees carrying out the same job role and this report does not focus on these pay differences.

Williams Workforce

Williams is an equal opportunities employer and we believe that equal pay between our employees is a fundamental right for all. Williams ensures that all individuals are paid equally for the same or similar types of work. We are confident in this because our pay structure is reviewed annually and we have a robust recruitment process. Differences may occur due to length of service or competency based performance levels as we believe in rewarding employees fairly.

Gender Pay Gap Report

Difference in Mean Hourly Rate of Pay23.80%
Difference in Median Hourly Rate of Pay26.20%
Difference in Mean Bonus Pay51.30%
Difference in Median Bonus Pay87.30%
Proportion of Women Receiving Bonus Payments83.13%
Proportion of Men Receiving Bonus Payments93.41%

Gender Pay Quartiles

Quartile Men Women
Upper Quartile 90.80% 9.20%
Upper Middle Quartile 94.80% 5.20%
Lower Middle Quartile 64.20% 35.80%
Lower Quartile63.00%37.00%

The automotive industry is traditionally male dominated and we are continually working to address this. Our recruitment, career development, training and succession planning is non-discriminatory and inclusive to all. We recruit new employees using a competency based assessment and once on board we believe in developing and promoting our employees based on individual merit. We continually look to develop from within our own teams, ensuring that every employee has the opportunity to achieve their true potential and a long term career.

In many companies there is a distinct lack of females at senior management level and we are proud to have a female Chairman in the business and that our Board of Directors is 40% female. Throughout our entire senior management team we are delighted to have strong and empowering women present in these roles. The overall average for women in the automotive industry is 20% and at 22% we are above this, however, we are still trying to encourage and recruit more senior women into our business. We work hard to create flexible roles to encourage women into the company from where they can start to build a long and fulfilling career.

Williams operate performance related bonus schemes and the report shows that the majority of our women and men receive a bonus. The mean and median bonus pay gap difference is due to the higher proportion of men in the ‘selling arena’ where the majority of their total income comes from bonus. The figures reported for the mean and median hourly rate reflect the demographic of our industry.

Our low staff turnover rate is a strong indicator of the success of our employee engagement but this means that further positive change in this figure will be slower.

As an equal opportunities employer we are delighted to welcome more women into the company to either begin or further their careers at all levels. Whilst developing these careers we are conscious of maintaining a good work-life balance to protect the health of our employees.

With over 100 years of history, Williams remains a family run business.

We have a family culture running through our centres and strongly believe that this is a major factor in the success of our business. Diversity is also critical to our future success and we believe that our employees, no matter what age, gender, race or religion make up ‘the difference is Williams’ of which we are all proud to be ambassadors of.