What is The New Retail (TNR)?

In March 2025, our MINI businesses will launch The New Retail (BMW 2026). The New Retail (TNR) aims to enhance the customer experience by standardising the pricing of our new and nearly new vehicles nationwide. The entire sales process will be digitalised, allowing customers to seamlessly switch between a fully digital online purchase and an in-person experience.

TNR introduces a new approach to our sales process. Our new Colleague Information Hub will keep you updated with the latest news, featuring key articles and an FAQ section to answer your questions.



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Keep an eye out here for all the latest key articles to keep you up to date with what is happening.

For a fully quarterly breakdown of TNR information please visit our dedicated news page.


Listed below you will find answers to your common questions about TNR, if there is anything you still need answering or have any queries or concerns then please contact

Is my role going to change?


Yes and No. The traditional way of selling a car is changing and will be known as The New Retail (TNR), this means that your interaction will be more around the customer and delivering exceptional customer service. The title of the role is changing and you will become MINI Experts, as you will be the ones guiding the customer through the sale and providing the experience.

Is my job safe?


The aim of agency is to deliver more retail sales and therefore those countries which have already moved over to agency have actually taken on more sales execs to cope with the additional volume, this is our own expectation.

Will the dealership be quieter?


All research has shown that customers still want to come into the showroom. If anything, the countries that are live, have said that they are busier with the customers on site. Both MINI and BMW are anticipating volume growth of 20%, which would result in increased showroom activity.

How will I make money under the new retail sales model?


The focus of TNR is to drive additional volume with the hard money negotiation removed from the sales process. This still leaves finance, insurance products and service plans available to sell. Like our current pay plans, customer satisfaction will play a key part in the process. As soon as we have all of the details from the TNR team at BMW UK, we will be able to advise further. You sell cars today and you will sell cars tomorrow.

Will I still get a company car?


We will need a new scheme and this has yet to be finalised by BMW/MINI UK but there are no plans to remove company vehicles from staff contracts.

Do you have a full list of FAQs available?


For the full list of FAQs please download our PDF document using the button below: