About Factory International

Whether you have a passion for music, dance, performance, theatre, exhibitions, or gaming, Factory International has something special in store for you. With a goal to bring together diverse artists and forms of art, and to create a programme that goes beyond the the ordinary, Factory International are always looking ahead. Based in Manchester, a city known for its innovation that is hard to match, they are dedicated to exploring new ways of creating and collaborating, ensuring that they deliver unforgettable art and experiences. At their new home, Aviva Studios, you will find a year-round program that embodies this spirit. Every two years, Factory International hosts the Manchester International Festival (MIF), a renowned celebration of brand new artistic works that have captivated the city since 2007. Through the Factory Academy they nurture the creative talents of tomorrow, support artists in realising their full potential, and engage with local communities to enrich their program. But their reach extends beyond Manchester, and they take the portfolio of work to partner venues and festivals all over the world, creating extraordinary digital experiences that invite everyone to immerse themselves in their virtual world.

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How to Find Factory International

Aviva Studios, Water Street,
Manchester M3 4JQ

“It’s a kind of space that gives you an enormous amount of potential… In my lifetime to see a new space like this open is hugely empowering, and I hope the new generation of artists feel that power and want to use it.” -
Danny Boyle, Director

Williams and Factory International

We are proud to help Factory International to invite communities from the Manchester (and beyond) to meet, exchange ideas, learn new skills and have their say — supporting future artists, makers, doers and thinkers to reach their full potential. As Associate Supporters, we help to ensure that Factory International is able to continue offering life-changing opportunities to local (and further afield) artists and communities.

In addition to supporting up and coming creators, Factory International hosts well-known artists that are famous in their respective fields in order to gain more interest in unfamiliar side of arts and culture.

What Does This Mean for Our Customers?

We have the potential to do great things with Factory International, but we appreciate that without you, our valued customers, we wouldn't be in a position to help support this special cause. As such, we are able to give thanks to advocates of Williams BMW through new experiences in arts and culture.