Why Go Electric or Hybrid?

This is the question that many motorists are asking themselves. Here
at Williams Group, we’re fully committed to the electric revolution – as
are the brands we represent in the North West: BMW, MINI,
Jaguar and Land Rover.
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You’ll find our most frequently asked questions below – if after reading you still have queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at your local Williams centre.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?


It varies from vehicle to vehicle and depends on the charging method employed. For instance, assuming the MINI Electric’s battery is at zero and requires a full charge, it’ll cost:

  • £11 – at home or at work (using a 3kW three-pin supply or a 7kW fast-charging wallbox)
  • £15 – at a public access point (using a 50kW rapid charger)

Please note: the above costs are correct as of December 2022

How much are EV home chargers?


On average, it costs about £1,000 to have a dedicated fast-charging wallbox installed. However, there are incentives and offer that may reduce this cost.

What happens when an electric car runs out of charge?


You’ll no longer be able to drive it. However, there’s no need for this situation to arise if you plan your motoring day around the numerous charging options that are available.

Are EVs more expensive than petrol/diesel cars?


While EVs are typically more expensive than fuel vehicles, the price gap is closing all the time. The running costs are also significantly lower, resulting in a cost saving over time.

How long do electric cars last?


An EV battery usually comes with an eight-year warranty, but they can last up to ten years with regular maintenance.