Motability Explained

The Motability Scheme exists to help those eligible achieve greater independence through access to affordable vehicles.

It is operated by Motability Operations Ltd., an independent non-profit company that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They lease cars to customers in exchange for their mobility allowance. It works under contract to the Motability charity, which is responsible for oversight of the Scheme.

In exchange for your mobility allowance, you will receive:

  • A brand new car every three years
  • Comprehensive motor insurance for you and up to two named drivers
  • Regular servicing and maintenance
  • KwikFit replacement tyres
  • Annual road tax
  • Full UK breakdown assistance from the RAC – including cover at home
  • Replacement and repairs to the windscreen and windows


There are more than 650,000 customers who currently use the Motability Scheme to get an affordable car. Depending on the car you choose, you may need to pay an Advanced Payment. If you’re unable to afford the Advanced Payment and no cheaper car is available that meets your specific needs, you can apply for financial help from the Motability charity.

The cars available on the Scheme are all able to accept modifications and have engines of less than 2.5 litres. Find out more about the BMW and MINI models available.

Motability Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?


Q. What is included in the lease?

A. A Motability lease includes insurance for up to three named drivers, servicing and maintenance, tyre and windscreen cover, breakdown cover provided by the RAC and tax for the first year of the lease. All you have to do is add fuel and make sure the car is taxed annually in the second and third year of the lease.

Q. How long does the contract last?

A. A Motability lease generally runs for three years from the date that you take delivery of your car. This is extended to five years for new wheelchair accessible vehicles. We will send you a reminder letter three months before the end of your lease to remind you that it’s time to pick a new car or if possible, extend your current lease.

Q. How do I order a Motability car?

A. If you’re eligible for the Motability Scheme, you can make an appointment with one of our Motability specialists at one of our BMW or MINI retail centres. Our team of trained Motability specialists will talk through your requirements to make sure the car you’re considering is suitable for your needs.

Once you have chosen your car, we can arrange for a test drive and as long as you’re happy, we can then complete your application online at our retail centre. You’ll need to bring your Certificate of Entitlement, a recent utility bill, your driving licence and/or the driving licences of any drivers to be insured along with their Driver Consent forms.

Q. Who do I contact to make an appointment?

All our Williams BMW and MINI retail centres have fully trained Motability specialists on hand to guide you through picking your new car. You can make an appointment to speak with a member of the team either by calling your local retail centre or leaving an enquiry via our website on the link below and we will get back to you.

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Q. How much does leasing through Motability cost?

A. The cost to lease through Motability depends on the vehicle you choose. You will exchange all or most of the higher rate Motability part of your weekly disability allowance for the course of your three-year lease. Other parts of your weekly disability allowance, such as the care component, will remain untouched and you will continue to receive them as normal.

You can view our Motability offers here and if you have any questions about pricing, feel free to contact your nearest Williams Retails Centre and we can explain in more detail how the process works.

And don’t forget, when you lease a car with Motability, it also includes your insurance, breakdown cover with the RAC, servicing and maintenance, tyre and windscreen replacements and the first years' tax in one worry-free package.

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Which model works best for me?


Q. How do I know which BMW/ MINI is best for me?

A. During your appointment with us at Williams, we will discuss your requirements and assess your needs. Once we have a better understanding of what you’re looking to use your vehicle for, we can recommend suitable products for you and arrange for test drives to be sure you’re happy with your decision.

Q. Which models are included?

A. Here at Williams, we offer a wide range of BWM and MINI vehicles on Motability and all can be adapted to your requirements.

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Why choose Williams?


Q. Are your showrooms wheelchair friendly?

A. Yes. All Williams Group Retail Centres are accessible. If you have any concerns or want to discuss any extra requirements before visiting us, please don’t hesitate to contact us and make an appointment with a member of our Motability team.

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Q. Do you have disabled parking?

A. Yes. Disabled parking spaces can be found at all Williams Group Retail Centres.

Am I eligible?


Q. Age restriction?

​A. An application can be made to the Motability Scheme for anyone who is over the age of three and is receiving the Higher Rate Motability Component of the Disability Living Allowance.

The Higher Rate Motability Component of the Disability Living Allowance is available from the third birthday of the disabled person. As long as the eligibility criteria are met, you can apply for the allowance before that date and the award will start on the disabled persons third birthday.

If a child is under three has had the allowance confirmed you can make an application for a Motability lease up to three months before their birthday, but the lease agreement cannot start until the allowance is awarded.

A child who is receiving the Higher Rate Motability Component of the Disability Living Allowance can remain on this benefit until they reach the age of 16 as long as they continue to satisfy the eligibility criteria. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will write to existing claimants before their 16th birthday to inform them when their DLA will end and how to claim for Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Q. How do I know if I qualify?

​A. To apply for Motability, an applicant needs to receive one of the following:

  • High Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS)
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP).

Q. Do carers qualify?

A. No. But the all-inclusive leasing package offered by Motability lets you include two drivers on the insurance when you order, with a third able to be added after the lease has started. To accommodate those who have many different carers that may change regularly, it may be possible to have multiple drivers using an Open Insurance Policy.

Please contact RSA Motability (RSAM) for more details on an Open Insurance Policy or to add a third driver to your existing one.



Q. What adaptations are available on the Motability Scheme?

​A. A wide range of adaptations can be fitted from the start of your lease. Adaptations are put into three categories:

  • Driver Assistance
  • Wheelchair and Scooter storage
  • Accessibility

The Motability Scheme has over 500 different adaptations with many of them available at no extra cost when fitted at the start of the lease. 

For more information, please take a look at the Motability Adaptations pages here: Click Here

Q. Are adaptations included in the cost?

A. Many of the most popular adaptations are available at no cost when fitted to the car at the start of the lease. There are over 500 different adaptations that can be made to your vehicle. For more information, please take a look at the Motability Adaptations pages here: Click Here



Q. How many people can be insured?

A. You can nominate up to three named drivers on your policy. You can add two when placing your order and if you require a third, they can be added by contacting RSA Motability.

Q. Does my Motability insured provide me cover to drive other vehicles?

A. No. The Motability insurance will only cover you to drive your Motability Vehicle. You cannot drive any other car under the insurance policy. For more information on your insurance policy, please contact RSA Motability.