Cast your mind back to 1923...

The success story of BMW motorcycles started at the Berlin Motor Show in 1923. The aero-engine manufacturer presented its first motorcycle with the BMW R 32. The quality of the machine was a major factor for success. All the parts likely to need repair were encapsulated and the drive shaft was easier to service than standard chains or belts. The Boxer engine with cylinders mounted transverse to the direction of motion remains a characteristic feature of BMW motorcycles to this day, alongside the cardan shaft. The very successful overall design of the R 32 was penned by Max Friz and is regarded as a milestone in motorcycle history.

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The History of M...

BMW M has established itself as a distinguished brand within the BMW model series, originating in 1972 with just 35 employees; the division has been dedicated to crafting first-class sports cars since its inception. In 2020, BMW made the bold move of infusing their motorcycles with the rich history and racing spirit that car enthusiasts have become accustomed. BMW M remains a symbol of determination, enthusiasm, cutting-edge racing technology, flawless execution, and unparalleled performance.

The BMW M 1000 RR

For all the individuals fuelled by their passion and prepared to confront challenges head-on, the BMW M RR is the ultimate racing superbike. Meticulously refined in the wind tunnel and continuously enhanced on the track, it boasts optimised aerodynamics and incorporates carbon materials, enabling an impressive top speed of 314 km/h. Its engine and chassis retain their unwavering power and responsiveness. The M RR epitomises unparalleled performance and exclusivity, leaving no detail overlooked.

It's the epitome of the iconic M.

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The BMW M 1000 R

Experience the ultimate thrill with the M 1000 R. This superbike, born from M racing developers and the race track, combines the best of both worlds - superbike power with dynamic roadster agility. Boasting an impressive 210 hp and a top speed of 280 km/h, this bike puts you in the driver's seat whether you're cruising on country roads or tearing up the race track. The M 1000 R is forgiving, yet demands your full attention. It's all about maximum performance and pushing yourself to the limit.

The roar of the M R four-cylinder engine beckons you to start your next adventure.

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The BMW M 1000 XR

This is the ultimate: the most lightweight and potent production crossover bike globally. No compromises. A true M bike in every aspect. Streamlined for optimal performance – specifically for long-distance rides. That's why it's named the M XR. Or, as we prefer to say: MaXimizeR. This bike truly maximises all aspects: your riding enjoyment, your stamina, and, whenever desired, your thrill. On the other hand, you can confidently unwind during extensive travels.

Deep down you're aware that you can effortlessly outpace everyone whenever you choose to.

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