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A business car has to work hard for a living. It must be fuel efficient with low running costs. It should offer total comfort and advanced safety systems, along with the kind of performance that makes long journeys a breeze. Jaguar produce the world’s most breath taking performance cars with a reduced impact on the environment through their entire Life Cycle.

To make an immediate and positive impression on your clients, Williams Jaguar is the choice for your company. With a wide range of cars suitable for all situations and company locations, Jaguar is an established, well known brand that will give additional credibility to your business.

As well as making a favourable impression on your customers, Jaguars are also good for your business both financially and environmentally.

Jaguar use advanced materials and technologies to make the best use of resources and continually meet legal and regulatory requirements. Their development of lightweight Aluminium technology means they are able to reduce CO2 emissions while consistently providing class leading performance. Jaguar have lowered tailpipe CO2 emissions in their European joint fleet by 25% since 2007. Their Life Cycle Assessment tool has also helped to reduce their operating CO2 emissions per vehicle by 30.5% since 2007.

We tailor our prices and contract lengths to suit your business specification with an onsite Business Development Manager available at our Jaguar retail centre. Speak to us today to discuss your range of options as a company, with Williams Jaguar.

Meet the team

Williams Jaguar Business Development Manager

Carla Edwards

Business Development Manager


Kyle Johnson

Business Development Manager


Williams Jaguar Company Car Drivers

Company Car Drivers

High specification, rewarding performance and improved CO2 emissions that help to keep your bills down. Find out what makes a Jaguar the perfect choice for the business driver.

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Williams Jaguar Small Business

Small Business

As a small business you need to work hard to stand apart from the competition. Running a Jaguar for business is your perfect partner for this.

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Williams Jaguar Fleet

Large Fleet

A Jaguar makes business sense in every way. High residual values, comprehensive specifications and improved fuel efficiency helps to keep whole-life costs low.

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Williams Jaguar Business Offers

Business Offers

We offer competitive business contract hire offers at Williams Jaguar for the whole Jaguar range. Click below to view all of our business offers.

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