Safe and Reliable Across the Globe

The BMW 5 Series Saloon has received outstanding ratings from independent institutes across Europe, the USA, and Korea. Experts were thoroughly impressed by the remarkable active assistance systems as well as the exceptional passive safety features of the vehicles; including the all-electric BMW i5.

South Korea Awards BMW 5 Series “Safest Car of the Year”

The BMW i5 has been awarded the prestigious title of "Safest Car of the Year" by the Ministry of Transport in the Republic of Korea. This award is only given to the vehicle that achieves the highest number of KNCAP points in a given year. Dominik Schuster, Head of Vehicle Safety at the BMW Group, highlighted the significance of this recognition during the official award ceremony in Korea. He emphasised that the top KNCAP ratings validate the BMW Group's unwavering commitment to continuously improving vehicle safety through a safety-focused development process.

The independent testers were particularly impressed by the passive safety performance of the BMW i5, with an impressive 99.5% of the criteria being met. The emergency braking systems designed to protect pedestrians and cyclists received full points in Korea, further solidifying the car's safety credentials. Additionally, several driver assistance systems also received the highest rating possible.

The title "Safest Car of the Year" serves as a testament to the BMW Group's dedication to setting new standards in vehicle safety and reinforces its position as a leader in the industry.

TOP SAFETY PICK+ Award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in the USA.

The US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has awarded the TOP SAFETY PICK+ rating upon the new BMW 5 Series. This remarkable achievement is largely due to the outstanding performance of its frontal accident prevention system, which excelled in both day and night tests. The flawless collaboration between the lighting system and the safety features earnt the vehicle the coveted "plus" in its rating. This accolade represents the highest honour bestowed by the institute.

The new BMW 5 Series has proven its mettle in various collision tests, ensuring comprehensive protection against injuries for occupants, regardless of their size or seating position. The rigorous evaluation process conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety serves as the benchmark for assessing the overall safety of new vehicles in the American market. This is of utmost importance for the BMW 5 Series and a crucial factor for fleet customers when making decisions in the USA.

Five Stars for the 5 Series in Europe

The independent safety experts from the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) awarded the eighth generation of the BMW 5 Series Saloon the highest rating of five stars.

The 5-star rating of the new BMW 5 Series is greatly attributed to its extensive standard equipment, particularly its safety-focused driver assistance systems. These systems are considered among the best in the market, impressing the safety experts at Euro NCAP with their wide range of functions and reliable responses.

Not only does the new BMW 5 Series excel in active safety, but it also shines in passive safety. Thanks to BMW's innovative integrated safety concept, which is constantly evolving, the saloon boasts highly resilient support structures and meticulously designed deformation paths. Additionally, a model-specific combination of precisely coordinated restraint systems further enhances its passive safety features.

Euro NCAP assessments serve as a widely recognised standard for accident safety throughout Europe, and they are continuously evolving. Only vehicles that offer excellent impact protection and are equipped with comprehensive and practical accident prevention technology receive the prestigious five-star rating. The new BMW 5 Series is a deserving recipient of this award.

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