BMW M5 - Defining Today's Supersaloons

With supercar performance and hi-tech electronics wrapped in a practical four-door body, the BMW M5 is arguably the pinnacle of practical sports saloons.

The concept of a family saloon that rivalled the performance of the best supercars available is now as familiar today as a simple hot hatch. But there was a time when the supersaloon category was non-existent. First introduced into the BMW line up in 1985, the original E28 M5 is seen by motoring enthusiasts the world over as legendary. The BMW M5 has gone on to define an entire sub-set of cars and to this day, the mark still leads where others follow.

The original E28 BMW M5 was unveiled in 1984 at the Amsterdam Motor show. Replacing the range-topping M535i, this was the first fully fledges M Division 5 Series BMW had sent to market. Under the bonnet sat BMWs flagship M88 engine, a straight-six that first made its debut in BMWs first supercar, the M1.

On the outside, the E28 BMW M5 looked subtle with only a couple of M5 badges and some discreet bodywork difference, but under the bonnet, the M88 engine packed a punchy 278bhp and 251lb ft, noticeably more power than the most high-end supercars on sale at the time, including the Ferrari 328. This engine made the M5 blisteringly quick.

It wasn’t just the engine that made the E28 BMW M5 stand out. The M Division spent time engineering new parts to upgrade the chassis to contain the added power. New anti-roll bars were fitted along with Bilstein suspension and a Limited Slip Differential. This was a car that set the template for the supersaloons of today.

Now in its sixth generation, the F90 BMW M5 is still leading the way in the supersaloon class. For the first time, you can now get an M5 with all-wheel-drive and torque converter automatic 8-speed gearbox. Powering today's F90 BMW M5 is a 4.4-litre twin turbo V8 that produces 592bhp and 553lb ft, all helping you see 0-62mph in a frighteningly quick 3.4 seconds.

Unlike its predecessor, the F90 BMW M5 is less subtle. Cutting a more athletic shape to its other 5 Series siblings, The low sloping carbon roof, razor-sharp LED headlights and enlarged frontal cooling vents, all help to carve a distinctly modern silhouette that is distinctively M Division.

The F90 BMW M5 isn’t just about going fast and looking good though, it has to handle the day to day tasks of any family sized saloon. With a large spacious interior and 530-litre boot capacity, it’s built for touring with the whole family.

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