BMW to take electric cars mainstream

The new BMW i4 will be launched in 2021. Closely aligned to the next generation BMW 4 Series, the i4 is BMW’s first step towards making electric cars mainstream.

The new BMW i4 is looking to fill the gap between the current i3 hatch and i8 Sports Coupe and Roadster. It also aims to offer customers of the 3 and 5 Series a viable electric alternative.

The current standalone BMW i models are unique to the BMW line-up, using building methods and materials not seen on any other car in the range. The new BMW i4 looks to bridge the gap between the current BMW i offering and the more traditional cars by using the manufacturers latest Cluster Architecture (CLAR) Platform, a modular architecture designed to underpin everything from the 3 Series up to the 7 Series.

As a result, the new BMW i4 will be treated as a variation of the forthcoming 4 Series Gran Coupe, rather than sitting apart like the current i3 and i8.

Using the knowledge learnt whilst developing the i3 and i8, the BMW battery tech used in their new BMW i4 is expected to get a range of 375 miles between charges.

To find out more about the current BMW i range, take a look at our website here.

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