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Williams Motorcycles Manchester Revs Up House of Fraser’s Window Display

As Christmas fast approaches, high-street retailers are now showcasing their festive adverts on our screens. In particular, House of Fraser which has pushed the boundaries with their upbeat effort which is set around a stylish party, with the tagline Your Christmas, Your Rules.

House of Fraser’s Manchester store has been keen to recreate elements of the advert in their window display, particularly of the scene where a woman rides off into the night on a motorcycle.

The House of Fraser team contacted Williams Motorcycles Manchester to see whether one of our bikes could take centre stage within their Christmas window display.

Williams Motorcycles kindly donated the eye-catching BMW R nine T equipped with state-of-the-art BMW motorcycle technology combined with classic, high-quality details make for a flat twin bike which leaves a lasting impression.

Phil McNelis, Motorcycles Manager at Williams Motorcycles Manchester, commented: “We loved House of Fraser’s idea to recreate the advert within the window display and so we were more than happy to provide the BMW R nine T for this purpose.

“The visual merchandisers have done a wonderful job and we’re very pleased with the outcome.”

Watch House of Fraser's advert​