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The general advice is to wash your car every one to two weeks where possible. Benefits may include removing any external influences that may cause damage to the paintwork (e.g. bird lime), clearer visibility which contributes to safer driving and of course, keeping your vehicle looking at its best!

With many cars not in daily use, why not take things up a level with these cleaning tips from our technicians? See what eight key things we do to get the perfect shine. Please stay safe and only make essential journeys.

  1. It’s best to avoid washing your car in strong sunlight or high heat. If the forecast is set to be sunny, try to wash your car in the morning or late in the day once the sun isn’t as strong.

  2. When washing your vehicle, start from the top and work your way down. That way you’ll make the most of those suds.

  3. Don’t forget about your wheels. Use a brush to get in those tricky areas.

  4. Use a soft paintbrush to dust out all of those awkward nooks in the car.

  5. Remember to clean your windows both inside and out. It’s amazing how clean your car can look with a set of freshly scrubbed windows. We recommend using microfibre cloths.

  6. Don’t miss the top of the window. Drop your windows a few inches to make sure you get the whole thing.

  7. Hate watermarks? Us too. Dry your car with a fresh cloth after washing to avoid a streaky finish.

  8. Protective rubber mats for your car’s footwell and boot are well worth the investment. They’re highly durable and will protect the floor of your vehicle.

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