Williams Land Rover Goes Skiing

Williams Land Rover Hits the Slopes!

As part of Land Rover UK’s #Hibernot campaign to get families outdoors during the Winter, Williams Land Rover held an exclusive event for customers at Manchester’s Chill Factore.

Williams Land Rover Children Being Taught
Williams Land Rover Snow School
Williams Land Rover Families Preparing To Ski

Donning their warmest ski attire, customers were able to utilise the centre’s fantastic Snow Park or Ski Slope for the evening.

Those that opted for the Snow Park were able to slide down ‘The Luge’ - a 60 metre ice slide inspired by the Cresta Run in St Moritz (Switzerland) where users experienced the excitement of a toboggan run on specially designed mats.

Looking for something different, some chose ‘Tubing’ where they slide down special Tubing lanes in a huge rubber ring, while other customers kept it cool and original and went sledging, trying out the new AXISKI which is a new and more powerful type of sledge!

Williams Land Rover Ski Slope
Williams Land Rover Kids Testing The Waters

For the more accomplished skiers on the night, they were able to use the impressive Ski Slope and showed off their expertise to watching spectators.

Gary Nickson, head of business at Williams Land Rover, said: “The #Hibernot campaign is a great way for Land Rover owners to make the most of the Winter season. Often over looked due to the cold spells, Winter is a spectacular time of the year when people really should enjoy the outdoors.

“Although we can’t offer real snow lined mountains in Manchester, the Chill Factore is certainly the next best thing and we were thrilled to host this special event for our customers. We hope everyone had a fantastic evening.”

Williams Land Rover Skiing Slopes
Williams Land Rover Hit The Slopes
Williams Land Rover Skiers

#Hibernot is about embracing everything the British winter has to offer. With Land Rover, you can relish a season of beauty and opportunity, full of fun and character, adventures and new experiences.

To get involved with #Hibernot, share pictures and videos of you enjoying an adventure in the great outdoors using the #Hibernot tag.

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