Winter Car Maintenance Tips

The vast array of Winter weather can impact our cars extensively and provide us with difficult driving conditions that catch us by surprise. With the correct preparation, you can ensure your car is prepared and ready to take on the winter.

The below tips include all the essential checks that should be carried out before the winter arrives:

Check Oil Levels

You must check that your car oil levels are between the minimum and maximum on the dipstick. Make sure this check is carried out whilst your car is entirely warmed up so that oil levels reflect accurate results. This will not only ensure that car maintenance is up to standard but having insufficient oil levels can result in engine damage or breakdowns.​

Test your Car Battery

A car with a flat or faulty battery is the most frequent cause of breakdowns and the risk of battery failure increases throughout the winter climate. Therefore taking care of your vehicle's battery is essential during colder weather periods and needs to be tested regularly. Whether or not your driving regularly getting your battery tested is a significant maintenance check that should be carried out during the colder months.​

Assess your Tyres

Make sure to assess your tyres as worn or damaged tyres are proven to be dangerous at any time especially during winter driving conditions. If there is an apparent sign of damage ensure to replace them as soon as possible. Keep note that the condition of your tyres creates a dramatic difference to your car performance when driving on cold or icy roads. A car maintenance tip is to invest in winter or high-quality tyres, these are proven to decrease stopping distance and will make your vehicle easier to control. Williams have a range of Winter tyres available for all brands, contact our aftersales teams for more information.

Check Wiper Blades

Checking your wiper blades are working up to standards and can effectively clean your windscreen is very important whilst driving in difficult conditions. Often more salt and dirt are on the roads during winter, meaning your windscreen will need cleaning more often. As well as this ensuring you have sufficient levels of washer fluid is a legal duty due to the potential dangers caused by lack of visibility. It is advised to carry additional screen wash in your vehicle therefore you are always prepared if the time comes where you run out unexpectedly.​

Top up Antifreeze

Antifreeze, also known as coolant, restricts water within a car's engine cooling system from freezing. You must remember to top up antifreeze and ensure the thermometer does not drop below as this could lead to a high risk of engine failure. Additionally, the coolant should be changed every 2-5 years depending on the car and the type of coolant required. If you require an antifreeze test you can get this done from your local Williams Centre.​

Inspect your Brakes

Ensuring your brakes are in a suitable condition, especially in winter is essential maintenance for a healthy car. Stay alert for signs including rattles, squeals, shakes or an increased stopping distance as these indicate that your vehicle braking system requires attention. It is beneficial to get your brakes checked either if there are no signs of fault.​

Check your Lights

Throughout the winter period cars tend to get extremely dirty due to weather conditions, therefore, ensuring that your vehicle's lights are clean is vital. Some cars have headlamp washers, but alternatively, you can simply use a cloth to wipe them done. If you believe your light lenses may be damaged consider purchasing a scratch repair kit to resolve this.

Pack a Survival Kit

Part of upkeeping car maintenance involves carrying the correct gear in your vehicle. Packing a car survival kit will ensure you are prepared for most scenarios! The below list includes the most beneficial items to carry in your vehicle:

  • Ice scraper and de-icer spray
  • Warning triangle
  • Warm clothing and footwear
  • Torch and batteries
  • Spare bulbs
  • Jump leads
  • Tow strap
  • High visibility vest
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Bottled water

Pay attention to Dashboard Warning Lights

Most people are not aware of what each warning light on their car dashboard means. All these signs are explained within your car manual or can be found online. Take some time to learn these as best you can and ensure if any appears on your dashboard get it checked out immediately.​

Get your Car Serviced

Taking your car in for a service is of high importance all-year-round, however during the winter period makes this becomes more urgent. Typically, a service is required once a year or approximately every 12,000 miles, however, every car is different so ensure to check your owners handbook. It is a good practice to be prepared and ensure your booked in beforehand as some garages have delays.

Servicing & Aftersales at Williams Group

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