Your Car's New Years Resolutions

Here are our top 5 resolutions for keeping you and your car happy this year:

1. Upkeep Car Maintenance

A first new year’s resolution is to focus on upkeeping your car maintenance at all times. We can be guilty of falling behind on regular maintenance for our cars therefore, now is the perfect time to begin this new car resolution. Even though it may seem inconvenient, if you neglect car maintenance it can result in bigger, more expensive problems. The upkeep of car maintenance will also ensure it runs smoothly every day and guarantee your car is always performing at the peak of it’s powers.

A step towards this resolution includes sticking to your service schedule. Maintaining high car standards will not only save you money on repairs but will help towards selling your vehicle in the future as buyers can review servicing history. Your vehicle service schedule should be found in your manufacturer’s guide, following this will enable you to identify any potential underlying faults and improve the overall safety and selling price of the vehicle.

Another main part of maintaining a healthy vehicle involves carrying out frequent checks, these include:

  • Checking tyre pressure
  • Checking all fluids and topping them off
  • Checking brake pads
  • Checking oil levels

By making checks it will eliminate potential safety hazards caused by your vehicle and help maintain higher car standards. A tip is to set a reminder on your phone so that you don’t forget these important tasks.​

2. Driving Safely

Driving safely is a very important rule of driving that should always be followed, however improving this as best we can is a perfect new year’s revolution. Ensuring we drive safely on the roads will not just primarily keep ourselves and others at less risk of danger but will benefit your car extensively. Keeping revs low, obeying speed limits and avoiding aggressive braking will prevent your clutch from burning out as well as increasing the safety of others. With all this in consideration driving safely should be the key focus at all times of driving.

Preventing distracted driving is another vital factor in road safety. This does not just involve the use of mobile devices but refers to anything that can take away your full attention such as reaching for something, using an app, checking Navigation, changing music, eating/drinking or having disruptive passengers. Make this resolution an increased effort to ensure you are not distracted driving and to pay additional attention to the roads.

3. Keep your Car Clean

Start the New Year off with a resolution that will ensure your vehicle is kept to high standards at all times. For some, maintaining a clean car come naturally, however for others it’s a challenge but following a few steps can help reach this goal. A simple process to follow involves:

  • Removing all items out of your vehicle that you do not need. Empty out the entire car including front/back seats/glove box/boot etc.
  • Ensure the owner’s manual has been located and stored in an appropriate place within the car
  • Give your car a deep clean by vacuuming the seats and floors, wiping down windows, washing the exterior
  • Or optionally take your car through a local car wash

Try making this a regular routine in order to ensure your car is sparkling clean. The more regularly this process is carried out the quicker it will be next time.

4. Sort your Car Financially

Whether you’re looking to save for a new car, end you finance agreement early for a new vehicle or have safety money aside now is a great time to make this one of your resolutions. 2022 could be the perfect opportunity to implement a financial plan to look at New or Approved Used vehicles to suit your driving preferences. Williams have a number of aftersales products available that can help you avoid unexpected costs, such as our monthly service plans.

5. Take a Road Trip

Make your final new year’s car resolution something to be excited about. by planning a road trip! Think back to when you were first on the road in your car and the freedom to travel anywhere. Break out your usual routine and plan a drive to somewhere that will give you enjoyment.

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