First look at the BMW Concept 8 Series

BMW have recently revealed the first look of the new BMW Concept 8 Series. The 8 Series aims to rival the Mercedes S-Class Coupè by combining power, luxury, dynamism and elegance.

After a 20-year break, the BMW 8 Series is set to return in 2018. First displayed on the 27th May at the Concorso d’Eleganza, the 8 Series includes the reinterpreted BMW kidney grille and precise flowing lines across the flanks.

BMW have described the concept 8 Series as a ‘fresh interpretation of iconic BMW styling cues’. The silhouette spreads low over the road, including a long bonnet and flowing roofline. The front of the car supports slim laser lights and a carbon fibre front lip that encapsulate the 8 series powerful character. A forward thrust is continuous throughout the car with surface lines surging towards the front of car.

One of the biggest changes in the BMW Concept 8 series is the new interpretation of the BMW grille. Many have questioned the bold choice to change one of the most iconic features of the brand, however Adrian Van Hooydonk, senior VP of BMW group design, explained,

“There has been a lot of changes to the grille – more than you would actually think! We took encouragement from this and decided to make a bigger change to the grille for the future. The new one is very functional as it intakes most of the air for the combustion engine. Furthermore, the trapeze shape makes it look very dynamic as well.”

As the 8 Series is only a design study at this stage, there are no official details on many of the features. However, in terms of spec, many are predicting the production model should have many similarities to the 7 series, with customers having the choice of at least three trim levels, including the sport focused M Sport model.

Much like the 7 series, it’s predicted that the BMW 8 series will include standard features like the four-zone climate control, heated seats, front and rear parking sensors, revising camera and adaptive cruise control. At least one confirmed feature in the 8 Series is the BMW iDrive infotainment system, likely presented on the 10.2in display found in the BMW 5 Series.

Technology is fast becoming one of the most important aspects for automobiles, and the BMW 8 Series is set to embrace some of these new technologies and highlight what we will see in the future. BMW is aiming to make its cars more intelligent, by use of interior and exterior sensors. The BMW idea is to harmoniously combine driver control with these clever technologies, rather than taking the control away completely.

BMW 8 Series is predicted to be on sale in 2018 and details of the car’s price, performance and specs will be unveiled later this year.

Take a look at all the BMW 8 Series, in a new exterior colour Barcelona Grey Liquid which was designed exclusively for the concept, in action below:

BMW Concept 8 Series. Return to a new era.