Maggie's Christmas Tree of Love

Williams have partnered with Maggie’s, everyone’s home of cancer care, to help support their continued work in the North West this Christmas.

As we re-open our doors in the countdown to Christmas, our festive decorations this year have special significance. The centrepiece in each of our retail centres is a Tree of Love, a symbol of our partnership with Maggie’s cancer centres.

Each beautiful tree awaits decoration by our valued customers. At the base of the tree are handcrafted orange snowflakes. Orange is the colour of Maggie’s cancer centres which offer information on how to manage when you or someone you care about has cancer. The vivid tone captures attention and is found across Maggie’s website and on the interior and exterior of the buildings which you are welcome to visit at The Christie Hospital, Withington, The Royal Oldham Hospital and The Clatterbridge cancer Centre.

For a donation of your choice you are invited to hang an orange star on the Maggie's Christmas Tree of Love. Simply write a message on a star, this can be in memory or celebration of a loved one, or could outline what Maggie means to you, and hang it on the tree. By displaying your star and decorating our tree you are contributing to this charity that does such vital work in our communities.

Maggie’s services are free to those who need them and we are working closely with the charity to help raise funds to pay for their highly regarded services for those at any stage of the cancer journey.

- A £15 donation can pay for an hour of online community support to anyone in need.
- A £100 donation can pay for three people to work through their problems with a psychologist.

To make your donation, simply sign up to our Just Giving page here:


Thank you for making a difference. Click below to find out more about our partnership with Maggie's: