BMW M Driving Experience

Get Ready for a Thrilling Ride.

Buy a New BMW M4 and Get a Complimentary BMW M Driving Experience with Williams

New BMW M4 From £599.00 Per Month

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The BMW M Driving Experience is the perfect opportunity to push your new BMW M4 to its limit and flex its muscles on some of the world's foremost race circuits. With the help of a professional racing driver, you'll receive tuition and master how to utilise all 425bhp. This is the perfect opportunity to let that monstrous straight six twin-turbo engine sing whole you get to grips with its power and reduce your lap times around the famous Bedford, Knockhill or Donington Park circuits.

Where are the BMW M Driving Experience track events?

Over the course of 2020 there will be three locations running the driving experience over a selection of days. These include:

  1. Bedford: 26 May – 29 May
  2. Knockhill: 03 June – 04 June
  3. Donnington: 26 October – 30 October

"At the BMW Driving Experience, our customers experience in a fascinating way how close our production models and racing cars really are to one another"

Markus Flasch,

Chairman of the Board of Managment of BMW M GmbH

Not only does the BMW M4 offer ferocious power, agile handling and athletic good looks, it combines sleek styling with sporting, racetrack-inspired upgrades. The twin-turbo charged 3.0-litre engine delivers 425bhp with 550Nm of torque for stunning acceleration and you can experience it for yourself by getting behind the wheel of one of the very best BMW M Performance cars with Williams BMW.

Like all BMW M models, it offers you a thrilling drive will see you smiling from ear to ear on every journey. The luxuriously appointed interior is crafted of the finest materials and offers sumptuous accommodation. And because it’s based on the BMW 4 Series, you know it’s practical too. So it’s not just a track day racer, but one you can enjoy every day.