We love to travel. To discover. Explore new roads. But today, we face a challenge. How can we continue to enjoy these beautiful, but vulnerable landscapes, more sustainably? National Parks UK is working together with BMW UK on the Recharge In Nature project, a three year initiative that Williams BMW is proud to be a part of.

What is the Recharge In Nature project?

Simply put, the initiative encourages sustainable tourism by enhancing the availability of electric car charging points in areas of outstanding natural beauty. And we've partnered with the UK's original national park; Peak District National Park. There are currently three charge points at the Peak District:

  • Millers Dale
  • Parsley Hay
  • Edale Visitor Centre

The i-Range

This exciting partnership is linked to the BMW i-Range; powered by electricity, these vehicles are the "future of mobility". From the strong and reliable BMW iX1 to the sleek and sophisticated i5 - the first fully-electric five series which debuted in October 2023. We’re proud to be a platform to demonstrate the power and capabilities of electric vehicles, but why not try one out for yourself and book in a test drive?

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About Peak District National Park

The Peak District was the first of Britain’s 15 national parks and was designated on 17th April, 1951.

Peak District National Park continues to inspire the millions of visitors it has each year with its charm and beauty.

The Peak District is delighted to have been partnered with Williams BMW on a regional level as part of the UK-wide Recharge in Nature project with National Parks. We’re already exploring how Williams and the National Park Authority can come together locally to further enhance the benefits of the Recharge in Nature project, including across nature conservation and sustainability
Tom Marshall, Communications Manager at National Parks UK

Peak District National Park

Our Initiatives Within the Project

We're excited to be part of the Recharge in Nature Project, and want to highlight how we're supporting and enhancing the recharging network for electric cars. The installation of recharging posts at key locations will support access to these beauty spots for the lowest emitting and quietest vehicles. With the installation of new charging facilities, in three very popular locations in the Park, means that electric vehicle drivers can now travel with more confidence to experience the joy of the great outdoors.

Manchester Art Fair

17 - 19 NOVEMBER 2023

We're returning to Manchester Art Fair where we're showcasing works by three of the Peak District’s most exciting artists
; against a backdrop of the powerful, 100% electric BMW i5.