BMW i Accident Repairs

There is always a chance that your car may need repairs, for anything from incidental dents and abrasions to the serious damage caused by major road accidents. If you are unfortunate enough to have your i3 or i8 damaged, you can at least be sure of the very best in accident repair services from the experienced technicians at Williams BMW.

Minor Repairs

Scratches, dents and scuffs to your bodywork and bumpers, or alloy wheel damage, are the most common kinds of vehicle damage. Although it is unlikely to cause any actual mechanical problems, superficial damage is unsightly and can become a more serious problem if left to rust, which can have a detrimental effect on your car’s resale value.

At our centres in Liverpool and Manchester, skilled technicians will remove all traces of bodywork or alloy wheel damage using advanced SMART (Small/Medium Area Repair Technology) repairs. These techniques can also be used to rectify damage to interiors, such as stains on seats or scratches on plastics.

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Major Repairs

If your car has been rendered immobile by a more serious accident, we can recover it from any location within the UK mainland and tow it to our specialist repair centre. We will also generate estimates for you, get authorisation from your insurance company, and handle your claim in a way suitable to you. A rental vehicle will be provided for you; the cost of this will usually be borne by your insurance company.

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