Autocar Awards 2022: BMW Named Best Manufacturer

BMW have enjoyed countless success by achieving a trio of awards together with the coveted ‘Best Manufacturer’ in the Autocar Britain’s Best Car Awards 2022. Outstanding all other manufacturers, this title is the most prestigious award and was given to BMW “due to its strength in depth” as stated by Autocar Editor, Mark Tisshaw.

Summarising the reason for the brands success, Autocar voiced how BMW “makes the most competitive cars across more classes than any of its rivals – developing performance cars with the BMW M range and pioneering the road to electrification with its BMW i range of cars”.

The German firm is surpassing the industry with industry-leading quality and breadth that “sometimes feels untouchable” as described by Autocar. With BMW’s extensive car collection, including the astonishing M5 CS, a Tesla Model 3-rivalling i4 M50, X-beating iX xDrive, M3 Competition, BMW i7 and a varied range of plug-in hybrids, its not hard to believe how the title has been awarded.

To find out more about BMW’s achievement, watch Autocar Editors Mark Tisshaw and Piers Wards discuss the merits of all Autocar awards in the video below.