BMW has wasted no time this year when it comes to announcing cutting edge technology. BMW exhibited at CES 2022, hosted in Las Vegas and digitally CES is known as the Most Influential Tech Event in the World making it the perfect event for the debut of BMWs new additions. The exhilarating 3 day event is filled with over 2200 exhibitors showcasing the latest tech innovations across an extensive range of key industries. Check out the main event highlights below:

BMW Theatre Screen brings cinematic experience into the vehicle

BMW previews and sets new standards in the area of future in-car entertainment. Announcing the new BMW Theatre Screen, a 31-inch panorama display in 32:9 format with smart TV functions and a resolution of up to 8K. BMW Group is working with Amazon to fully integrate the Fire TV experience within the Theatre Screen system – giving back seat passengers access to a wide variety of content so they can stream videos, listen to music, and watch downloaded programs, all while on the road.  My Mode Theatre orchestrates the different vehicle functions like lowering the theatre screen, lighting and sunblinds to get the passengers in the perfect mood for the one-of-a-kind immersive entertainment experience awaiting them.

A colour changing BMW iX - the iX Flow

The BMW iX Flow comprises body surface with real colour change thanks to electrophoretic technology. This magical exterior colour-change forms part of digitisation delivering an integrated user experience which is characterised by individuality and emotionallisation within the interior of current BMW models. The My Modes enables the driver to tailor the atmosphere in the interior entirely to their personal mood and the driving experience they require. This is a prospect of a future technology that used digitisation to adapt the exterior of a vehicle to different situation and individuals wishes. 

BMW first to bring digital art into vehicles

BMW will present its Digital Art Mode which will feature in the BMW iX M60. Created by internationally reowned Chinese multimedia artist Cao Fei in the year of the 50th anniversary of the BMW Cultural Engagement this is the first existence of bringing Digital Art into vehicles. Forming part of the all-new My Modes the Digital Art Mode creates unique moments that enhance BMW’s driving experience through establishing a synergy of the vehicles functions and its interior design. A holistic user experience featuring both a functional and an emotional level can be created from the touch of a button or via voice control and is dependent on the driving situation and overall mood. As the very first incorporation of digital art in an automobile and the collaboration with international artist Ceo Fei this is a quantum leap for the BMW Cultural Engagement.

BMW IconicSounds Electric for the i4 & iX

BMW presents drive system sounds from the collaboration with film score composer and Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer. Individually configurable soundscapes are fundamental to a vehicle’s character and to creating an emotionally engaging driving experience. New and emotionally rich soundscapes for pure-electric driving pleasures premiered in the BMW i4 and BMW iX and Specific aural character for BMW M models. These sounds reflect the specific performance characteristics of the drive system on board and the signature attributes of an electrified BMW in a completely new yet wholly authentic way.



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