The 3 Series: Poised to Revolutionise How Fleets Operate

The newly announced BMW 3 Series, in particular the 330e model, is poised to revolutionise company fleets with its array of impressive features. This model stands out due to its enhanced electric range, which now boasts an improved battery capable of achieving an impressive 52-60 miles on a single charge. This advancement means that drivers can enjoy more eco-friendly driving with fewer stops for fuel, making the 330e ideal for both short commutes and longer business trips.

The extended electric range not only contributes to a more sustainable environment but also enhances the overall convenience and efficiency for drivers.

One of the most compelling aspects of the new 330e for company car drivers and business owners is the significant reduction in the Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) tax rate. Previously set at 12%, the BiK rate has now dropped to an enticing 8%. This substantial decrease translates into major savings, making the 330e a highly attractive option for company fleets. The reduced BiK rate enhances the financial appeal of the 330e, ensuring that businesses can provide their employees with a top-tier vehicle while also enjoying considerable tax advantages.

Incorporating the 330e into your company fleet is not just a step towards cutting-edge technology but also a commitment to sustainability and cost savings. By choosing the 330e, businesses can benefit from reduced emissions and lower running costs, all while enjoying significant tax savings.

This investment in the 330e aligns with a greener future and positions businesses as forward-thinking and environmentally conscious. The combination of advanced features, financial benefits, and sustainability makes the BMW 330e a smart and strategic choice for modern company fleets.